How Microsoft Teams Kills Knowledge Management

Important and Irrelevant files are mixed

Teams has a “Files” tab where you can save files that are relevant for a channel.
The concept is good, but unfortunately it’s plagued by an unfortunate decision: If anyone posts a file inside a conversation it’s uploaded to the Files tab.

  • This file is here because someone consciously chose to save it so you could look at it
  • This file is here because someone needed to share it that one time

The Wiki Is Unsearchable

Teams also has a wiki functionality where each channel gets its own wiki tab.
That’s wonderful — you and your team can share information and collaboratively edit it!

You Can’t Search For Directories

But for files, at least you can group them inside directories and then easily find those again right?

You Can’t Archive Channels

Often you create channels for projects or events, and those channels at some point become irrelevant.
Teams makes it very easy to be stuck with those channels forever. You can delete them — but what if there’s information in there you might need later?



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