How To Ask Good Questions When Working Remote

Write One Self-Contained Message

Something like this is a good starting point.

Ask Questions In Public

  • It leads to more work for the person who’s answering
    Someone else might have asked the exact same question last week, and maybe someone will next week. This person will end up answering the same question over and over.
  • Your team doesn’t get smarter
    Anything that goes on in private chats or mails is invisible to the rest of the team who might be struggling with similar questions.
  • Someone else might know better
    Even if you think you’re asking someone who you think knows the answer, they might not be the best person to answer it. Someone else might have much more expertise with a particular topic, but if you ask in private you’ll never find out.

Share The Answer

Ask Good Questions




Software Developer at SCADA Minds

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Gustav Wengel

Gustav Wengel

Software Developer at SCADA Minds

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