Static Factory Methods vs Constructors In C#

// Using the constructor
SqlConnection myConnection = new SqlConnection(connectionString);

// Using a static factory method
IDbConnection myConnection = SqlConnection.FromConnectionString(connectionString);

Pros of Static Factory Methods

No need to return a new instance

You can use method references

// Static factory method - the method group can be passed in directly as a function reference
var bars = myFoo

// Constructors - you have to pass in a lambda that constructs the instance via new.
var bars = myFoo
.Select(f => new Bar(f));

You can name ‘em

// With constructors
var color = new Color(25, 25, 5, 80);
var color = new Color(100, 150, 50);

// With static factory methods
var color = Color.FromCMYK(25, 25, 5, 80);
var color = Color.FromRGB(100, 150, 50);

Factory Methods can return a different class

// This could create an IpV4IpAddress that implements IIpAddress 
IIpAddress ipv4Address = IpAddress.FromString("");

// This could create an IpV6IpAddress that implements IIpAddress
IIpAddress ipv6Address = IpAddress.FromString("2001:0db8:0a0b:12f0:0000:0000:0000:0001")

There Are Things You Shouldn’t Do In Constructors

Cons of Static Factory Methods

There Are Things You Shouldn’t Do In Constructors

There’s more code

They’re harder to find

  • You should always create one constructor that maps 1:1 to the fields internally in the class.
  • If you need to do anything fancy to create the object, such as IO, or you’re interested in caching objects and reusing them, use a static factory method.
  • If you need API stability, such as for library development, hide that constructor and use a static factory method because of the implementation flexibility it gives you.
  • If you have multiple different ways to create your class, create static factory methods and use those, because of the descriptiveness they give you.




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Gustav Wengel

Software Developer at SCADA Minds

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